Where to go for surrogacy?Countries of assisted reproductive technologies

Surrogacy has already managed to gain a foothold in the modern world. Every year number of couples who seek the help of surrogate mothers has been constantly growing. According to the statistics over the last 3 years demand for surrogacy has increased by 120%. According to the unofficial data, more than 250 thousand children were born in the world due to surrogacy. However attitude towards such method of family adding is far from certain. Most countries consider this procedure to be immoral and unacceptable, and therefore prohibit it by local law.

In such countries as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria any form of surrogate motherhood is permitted.

In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark and Belgium surrogacy is allowed only if surrogate mother receives no financial benefits. That is, commercial surrogacy is prohibited by the law which creates a criminal responsibility.

Nevertheless there are states which attract thousands of infertile couples from around the world to conduct surrogacy programs legally. Commercial surrogacy is legal in some states of the United States of America, India, Russia and Ukraine.

Couples who want to become parents go abroad and without violating neither any laws of own country, nor state’s where surrogacy is performed  receive desired result – so long-awaited child. Experts note – United States, India, Ukraine and Russia are among the most popular destinations for commercial surrogacy conduction. Each country has both its advantages and disadvantages in the surrogacy field. So, let’s look at them in a more comprehensive way.

Going to the American clinics, you probably pay for the brand “Made in America.” After all Europeans trust much more America than, for example, a little-known Ukraine or doubtful India. In the USA, surrogacy program costs about 40 – 60 thousand dollars. This price doesn’t include meet and greet services, accommodation, food and other necessary services for a foreigner. All additional services are borne by the client. Clients have to pay for each IVF attempt separately. On the other hand, in America, you get a high level of services, advanced technologies and American passport for a newborn baby that opens good opportunities for him in future.

A lot of European citizens go to the Russian Federation in order to use surrogacy. There this issue is clearly stated in the law and absolutely legal. But there is a danger that surrogate mother will change her mind to give your baby after his birth. And the law in this case will be on the side of surrogate mother. There are also a lot of intermediary agencies in Russia, which don’t require state licensing. As a result market of surrogate motherhood includes a lot of scams that take customers money and disappear or don’t conduct any proceedings in reality. Despite these drawbacks there are still those who will find Russia appropriate country for surrogacy program. Because country’s legislation mentions anything about the possibility of using such program by couples who are not registered their family relationships, single women and men, as well as non-traditional couples.

India has managed to enter the list of surrogacy leaders as well. Indian law concerning surrogacy has no particular limits: unmarried men or women, couples who registered their marriage or those who live in a civil marriage can choose surrogacy program in India. As of the price, it costs about 20 thousand dollars, which is much less than in European or American clinics. But there is another side of the coin – often, surrogacy process occurs in conditions that are far from norms and standards. Surrogate mothers don’t go through all needed medical diagnosis and tests. They live in insanitary conditions. It should be also noted that there is a non-standard Indian law concerning ultrasound diagnostic. It is forbidden in India! Therefore biological parents of the child risk of getting ill and sometimes with serious disabilities or physical defects child.

Ukraine pleasantly surprises. The third world country, weak state, debilitated economy and collapsing infrastructure. But local clinics show rather good results in the sphere of reproductive medicine. Surrogate mothers are carefully checked in accordance with the international requirements. Appropriate price, “all inclusive” programs, and even 100% guarantee – all these can be found in Ukraine. Despite this fact Ukraine is a country where majority of Europeans are afraid to go to. However those ones who have visited Ukraine found that it’s a beautiful, civilized country, with high rates of success in the field of assisted reproduction. This country, located in the Eastern Europe, has the most loyal legislation concerning surrogacy. It’s all because of the legality of the procedure and good prices, many Europeans go to Ukrainian clinics to take advantage of surrogate motherhood there. As a result of the massive influx of patients it can be seen a shortage of surrogate mothers. In addition, turn to join the program sometimes can last for 1year.Those patients who have already conducted the program share their happiness and pleasant experience http://mother-surrogate.info/uk-couple-tell-success-surrogacy-story/