The scientists recommend to freeze the sperm in the age of 18

The scientists established that men’s sperm with age obtains the properties, because of which increases the probability of appearing of different anomalies in future posterity caused by genetic defects.

It is known that with age increases the risk of development of autism, schizophrenia and other psychological disorders  in successors.  The British scientists from the University Abertay suggested to create a free sperm’s storage where young men who already reached 18 years could hand over the sperm. Today this service is paid in Great Britain: so, the storage of sperm in private institution will cost 200 pounds sterling (about 315 dollars).

“Thanks to various researches, conducted in recent years, became evident the fact that early paternity favorably effects the health of posterity. Thus, if men have an opportunity to freeze the sperm in the age of 18, it will be possible to avoid genetic mutations” – doctor Kevin tells.

However, the idea of Smith and his colleagues from the University of Abertay has not been supported by other scientists who reminded that  the risks of possible diseases in children of fathers at mature age are insignificant small and the spermatozoa being frozen for a long time possess a smaller ability to fertilization.