The baby was born from the oldest frozen sperm in the world

Almost 25 years ago in the beginning of 90th 20 century 15-year old resident of the United States was diagnosed with oncological disease. Before the treatment teenager donate his sperm which was stored in liquid nitrogen 23 years and didn’t lost its properties.

Despite that cryopreservation method used in reproductive medicine for the past several decades its exceptional reliability never stops to amaze. Many years ago 15 year old teenager was diagnosed with megakaryoblastoma, malignant tumors of the lymphatic tissue.

The boy had to take a few courses of powerful chemotherapy and radiation therapy what could well deprive him of the ability to have children because of the side effects.

When young Alex Powell was on his way to his small town in the train, his mother had a conversation with a random fellow traveler and told him about their serious family problem. The man apparently understands the medicine as advised Alex to go to the clinic of reproductive medicine, to donate his sperm for cryopreservation. Next day Alex went to the clinic and after had long months of treatment in the oncology clinic. Alex Powell wins his fight with the cancer but become infertile.

Not long time ago 38 years old Alex Powell went to the same sperm Bank. He got married in late 30th and year ago him and his wife decided to try for a baby using 23 years old sperm. First attempt was successful and recently, Alex and his wife had a perfectly healthy boy, who was named Xavier (Xavier Powell).

The previous record belonged to the English Richard Pott (Richard Pott), which is in 2012 became a father with the help of sperm that was stored in liquid nitrogen for 22 years. His story is almost identical to the life of Alex Powell, the only difference is that in the late 80’s of the 20 century he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease.

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