Surrogate medicine: what you should know.

If you decide to take to the services of a surrogate mother, it is not superfluous to learn about what is not accepted to be written on sites of reproductive medicine clinics. So, it is about the most important and at the same time rarely voiced features of surrogate medicine in different countries.

States with high living standards: the United States, Czech Republic, UK, etc. It would seem that the living conditions and way of life in such countries logically bound to be higher than in the less developed countries. But everything is rather on the contrary. With the high general level of life, only the least volatile sectors of the population will resort to such earnings as childbearing. The same applies to egg donation. People who have a permanent job, higher education, leading a healthy lifestyle, rarely become surrogate mothers in the countries with developed economies.

The same situation is with the countries, where the vast majority of the population lives below the poverty line. Here you also need to take into account the endemic poor sanitation, dirty water and soil, the inability to fully fed and receive medical care.

The ideal option here is the second world countries, such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan and so on. Fees for surrogacy compared to the average wage are huge there. Subsistence farming prevails, so it is displayed on the nutrition. The average women in these countries have a higher education, a high level of awareness and IQ. It is they who prevail in the programs of surrogacy.

As for the United Kingdom, surrogacy is permitted here only on a voluntary basis. It is assumed that if a woman is ready for you to take this step free of charge, then you know the mother, as well as her way of life.

The image of surrogate mother`s life is of great importance, since it is she who carries your baby his first 9 months of life.