Beware of clinics that gain their reputation on slander

Nowadays using of assisted reproductive technologies has become so popular and widespread around the world that infertility clinics literally grow like a house on fire. Egg donation, surrogacy, IVF and ICSI programs solve the infertility problem of any genesis. Sometimes infertility couples are ready to pay any money in order to see two cherished bars.

Demand generates supply. The quantity of infertility married couples is constantly growing around the world and reaches nowadays 20-25%. Stimulation of the growth of follicles and spermatogenesis, laparoscopic surgery on the reproductive system organs often do not result in pregnancy and childbirth. But the use of modern medical reproductive technologies helps achieve good results in the treatment of male and female infertility, and even unexplained infertility.

The exact number of reproduction clinics worldwide is impossible to calculate. No country has the official statistics on the number of cycles performed and their results. But the clinic you are applying to can provide you with such statistics. In addition to statistics, clinics can often offer not only its services, but negative information regarding other medical centers competitors.

Competition in the market of supporting reproductive medicine today is very big and tough. And not every medical center can meet the standards, have at the same high rates of success and the patients queue. These clinics sometimes choose an easier path that does not require its own investments in the form of power, professionalism and finance. Looking good through the unfounded desecration of reputation of the clinic competitor. Often it is this option that is selected by centers of reproduction that are not ready to independently create their own positive reputation and achieve high success rates of programs.

It is worth to wonder if this or that clinic of reproductive medicine has been seen in “bad-mouthing” of his medical colleagues. Truly successful centers are working on their own positive promotion, rather than negative reviews about a competitor. Reputation of decent clinics is known for the high effectiveness of provided procedures, the proposed guarantee, and the positive feedback of real patients.

In practice, it has long been proven that the medical institutions that work fairly and have a good reputation do not need to desecrate their competitors. Rather than spreading slander successful centers are improving their own achievements, improve service, expand the range of services and thus increase the number of their patients.

Therefore, if you are applying to the center of reproduction and hear unflattering reviews of the clinic – competitor, just know – this is the clinic that you need. If the medical center itself speaks poorly about the clinic, it means that it is a strong competitor, interfering with others by its successful work.

Building your medical (professional) reputation on such background is not the best decision for clinics that want to attract more patients. After all, the truth will still prevail. Successful clinics know that it would be a mistake to build their reputation by the unfounded desecration of their competitors. Fair medical institutions on the contrary cooperate with each other, and improve their image with their own achievements.