62-year-old Tasmanian woman is oldest Australian to give birth

At 62 years old, a woman from Tasmania made Australian record by being the oldest woman to give birth in the country. It is the first baby for the woman and her 78-year-old partner. She delivered by cesarean section on Monday at the Frances Perry House, a private hospital in Melbourne.

She broke the record previously held by a 60-year-old woman who gave birth in 2010. But the 62-year-old Tasmanian new mum did not break the record set by a 65-year-old German grandmother who gave birth in May 2015 to quadruplets.

The elderly Tasmanian couple conceived through IVF overseas by using a donor embryo. The newborn was premature at 34 weeks but is doing well.

The mother will remain in hospital until they are well enough to return to Tasmania.

The record of giving birth to a healthy baby in her senior years is held by a 72-year-old Indian woman who could even breastfeed