First IVF septuplet twins grow up!

As we all know IVF (weather on your own or donor egg cell) in-vitro fertilized about 7 embryos. 23% to 30% the probability that at least one of embryo will take a root.  It’s very rarely all embryo starts develop, but such cases are exist. In 1997 Bobby from Iowa got pregnant with 7 children. Against of doctors recommendation, Bobby and her family decided to keep the babies.

You can say it was too rashly it can easy happen with tragedy. But since that time 18 years have passed. All 7 kids are alive and celebrate their 18th birthday today.

On this photo you can see Kenny-junior, Alexis, Nataly, Kelsey, Nathan, Brendon and Joel. They finishing school and planning their future life. In the summer Brendon going to army, rest 6 children are planning enter the university. They have oldest sister 19 year old Michaela, who recently married, and lives nearby.

The possibility all children will survive was very small. The weight of babies was from 1,13 to 1,54 kg. 2 of them had Cerebral Palsy, they had many surgeries, right now boy who have Cerebral Palsy is walking by himself and a girl walk with a cane, but it didn’t stop her from becoming the second captain of the cheerleader in the school support group.

This very unusual family got a lot of help from charity organizations: a new house with 7 bedrooms, the opportunity to eat and to go on vacation for free. When children were born couple universities proposed them free education when they grow up. Even George Bush –junior meet the family.

Kenny Sr. work for a company dealing with metal coatings. Bobby – teacher-therapist in addition to eight children teaching children with special needs. Like her husband, she always tried teach children to love work.

Alexis are going to become a educator, Nataly  – teacher of junior classes, Kenny-junior want become a builder. Nathan and Joel want to be a programmers. Kelsey dream about career of a singer.

Alexis says :”We are best friends for each other, not only brothers and sisters”.

Although parents are sad that the childhood of their sons and daughters come to end, and soon they will “scatter from the parental nest”, Kenny and Bobby look to the future with optimism. They are proud of their children and believe that they are ready for a new, adult life.