True facts about pregnancy

Any mother can affirm the fact that being pregnant and having a baby is not an easy work. Morning sickness, terrible back pain – and this is only beginning! During 9 months of pregnancy women became super heroines due to the fact that they can go through all the pain and difficulties. Of course, it is well worth the effort when you see a tiny amazing face and feel his touch. Anyway women who give birth are worthy of respect and proud:

  1. Today, one out of three women in labor goes through caesarean section. 10 years ago this number was three times less;
  1. During the second half of pregnancy child produces more than a liter of urine per day and then drink it;
  1. During the whole period of pregnancy the uterus size which is like a peach at the beginning stretches to the size of half a watermelon, that is 500 times bigger;
  1. When pregnancy come to an end placenta of a pregnant woman produces more estrogen per day than non-pregnant female gonads during three years;
  1. Over fluid and water retention in the body of a pregnant woman can cause foot size increase;
  2. It is possible to bear a child for a year. Record long pregnancy term lasted for 375 days;
  1. High or crummy women have more chances of having twins or triplets;
  1. Pregnant women have sharpen sense of smell. It is a protective mechanism that prevents them to eat something that will be harmful for the baby;
  1. Slight discoloration of the skin during pregnancy and childbirth can be seen in more than 90% of cases;
  2. Fingerprints of the child are formed during the first three months of pregnancy;
  1. From year to year weight of children increases according to the statistics. Babies are born heavier and heavier;
  1. During pregnancy blood flow is increased, so sometimes nosebleeds and bleeding gums can occur;
  1. Studies have shown that fetus can feel a taste of what mother eats. Strong aromas (such as garlic) can seep through the amniotic fluid;
  1. Over the past two decades boys were born more than girls. However, there are still more women than men;
  1. The only scientifically proven way to induce labor is massage of nipples, known as “the comfort technique”;
  1. Babies cry in the womb not because they are upset but to prepare better for their great day;
  1. Mammary glands of pregnant women and new mothers may reflexively produce milk when woman hear sound of any crying child.