“Equality for everyone!” France is ready to break a lance

“Yes” for homosexual marriages! Members of the French Senate have approved a law that gives a green light for legalization of same-sex marriages in France. In addition, homosexuals will be able not only to legalize their relationships, but to adopt a child as well in the nearest future. This innovation was fully approved and signed by the President of France, Francois Hollande. He has no doubt making such a decision, as Mr. Hollande supports same-sex marriages and it was a part of his election campaign. Thus, France has become the 14th country in the world that legalized same-sex marriages, and Francois Hollande even promised to be the guest of honor at the first same-sex wedding in France.

The law was adopted, sexual minorities are in triumph, but such an event has its enemies as well. Catholics are the first to oppose such a “law on equality.” And now their main goal will be to repeal the law on same-sex marriages permission. But, it will be possible to do only if after the elections in France that will take place in 4 years, right-wing forces will come to power. “Union for a Popular Movement” Party supports them and claims that if they win next election, the first thing they will do is the abolition of this hot law. But politicians who set bag for the office of president speak out less threatening, saying that they will not abolish the law, but only correct it slightly banning adoption of children by homosexual couples.

In general, opinions of society were divided as is often the case. Some lay claim to a general referendum, others suggest replacing the phrase “same-sex marriage” with a “civil union”, some even organize protests, complaining of the fact that there is no equality at all. It concerns heterosexual couples.

They are not against same-sex marriages, but if the issue concerns children, couples consisting of men and women do not agree with it. As you know, in France, couple has a right to adopt a child, but only after he attains 3 years old. In addition, adoption is extremely long-playing procedure and those who want to adopt a child must wait for a very long time. As of surrogate motherhood, in France such procedure is banned as it contradicts the law on adoption.

Traditional families feel indignant, they are afraid that homosexual couples soon will be allowed to conduct such type of procedure as surrogacy.  As there is a strong rumor that in the nearest time local government will give permission for the lesbians’ insemination. In this context, heterosexuals noticeably worry that in future same-sex couples will be allowed to use reproductive medicine technologies and representatives of non-traditional orientation will be able to have children.

Time will show how these hot events and debates will develop in future. Society protests, while authorities are fully satisfied with the adoption of such law. Thus, French Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira named adoption of this bill as a “historic moment” for the country. It will be recalled that in January just she has taken the initiative to simplify procedures for granting citizenship to children born by a surrogate mother abroad.

However, French citizens, according to the polls, do not want to agree with the ruling power in issue of same-sex couples. Representatives of right-wing force, in turn, have sent their protest to the Constitutional Court, that is supported by legal statement that “definition of marriage as a fundamental principle recognized by the law of the Republic can not be changed by the adoption of common law.” Within a month, the court must announce its decision. Well, let’s hope that the completion of this conflict will be positive and will satisfy interests of all citizens. And a slogan “Equality for all!” which governs in France will be active in all areas of life, and for all French citizens.